Destruction of the myth: the glasses-holders are smart and educated

How often have you heard that frequent reading can negatively affect your eyesight? In our childhood mother forbade us to read in a half-light, arguing that we can fail our eyesight doing it in this manner. Many of us will answer yes at least to one of these statements. Meanwhile all the statements are pure myths… For many years it was believed that the holders of glasses must necessarily be well-read and educated people. This stereotype has become so established that educated people are often portrayed with glasses. The botanist, the librarian, the scientist, the professor, the programmer – all of them (as well as representatives of intellectual labor in… Read More

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tonsil stone

Payment for removed tonsils

Formerly in the medical environment tonsils were considered “useless” organ. Therefore they were usually removed as “unnecessary” parts of the body in case of its chronic inflammation. It seems like you got rid of a waste trouble. However it is obvious that there are no unnecessary parts in the body, it’s a product of evolution, not a game of dice. Now it is already well known that tonsils are of great importance for immunity. When they are removed, there is a huge strain on the heart, because the cause of inflammation has not disappeared. We removed only the filter which took the strain on itself. Figuratively speaking, imagine that you… Read More

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Does toothpaste destroy your teeth?

Do you still believe in a marketing ploy about the fact that fluoride in toothpaste is healthy for teeth? If so, then you would like to know the history of this myth. The legend of the usefulness of fluoride was described in the book “Fluoride Deception”, published by Christopher Bryson, the famous journalist and producer of the BBC. This book is based on a ten-year study of facts and rumors on the topic of fluorides. In it, Bryson talks about the most important personalities and scientific institutions that played a big role in the fact that now fluorides are used to prevent dental diseases in the US and in the… Read More

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Radiation-free body = health

If you  look after your health, your diet and keep your body in good shape, then chances are you have already thought about what to do with the so-called “electromagnetic smog”, which we can see for example in Vadim Zeland’s book “Hacking technogenic system”, as well as in other  serious research studies. Electromagnetic smog includes a variety of types of radiation, which our body and brain are constantly in of danger because of various devices: Mobile phones  Wi-Fi (Internet routers, smartphones, tablets etc.)  Wireless gadgets (mice, keyboards, headphones, smartphones, tablets, speakers, etc.)  Microwave ovens  Cellular communication stations  Workstations and equipment  Computer facilities  Household appliances and electronic devices And we have… Read More

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