Destruction of the myth: the glasses-holders are smart and educated

How often have you heard that frequent reading can negatively affect your eyesight? In our childhood mother forbade us to read in a half-light, arguing that we can fail our eyesight doing it in this manner. Many of us will answer yes at least to one of these statements. Meanwhile all the statements are pure myths…

For many years it was believed that the holders of glasses must necessarily be well-read and educated people. This stereotype has become so established that educated people are often portrayed with glasses. The botanist, the librarian, the scientist, the professor, the programmer Рall of them (as well as representatives of intellectual labor in general) are most often represented exclusively in glasses, and we can see how deeply this clich̩ has settled. We can see it in films, in magazines and in the Internet, in advertising and everywhere, where these images are found.

It came to the point that some public people with good eyesight began to wear glasses with normal glasses only to create an image of a competent and skilled person. And it works, because unconsciously people really endue a person in glasses with some kind of intellectual potential.

And we can see one fact in this study: there is no connection between reading or education and weak eyesight!

At the physical level the real causes of weak eyesight are: eye diseases, parasites, or disorders of the eye muscles. The first two causes are treated with healing or medical drugs (+ body cleansing). The latter is treated with the help of healing or exercises for eye muscles (perhaps, Bates’ method is the most popular and there are many good reviews about it).

If we talk about the true, subconscious causes of weak eyesight, they are often in a person’s reluctance to accept the surrounding reality, dislike for the conditions in which he lives, and the fear of future. In fact, a person “does not want to see” what is around him or does not want to see what is to come. The exact reasons can be found out and even eliminated in the direct work with the person: sign up for a consultation

Of course, since convictions and subconscious programs are usually easily conveyed from parents to children, often the latter also suffer from weak eyesight, like their moms and dads.

In fact, it can also be mentioned that often there is no connection between the computer and weak eyesight. This will be confirmed by gamers with excellent eyesight, who do not leave the computer all day long, playing games to “rabbit eyes”. So today we have debunked two myths in one review!


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