Does toothpaste destroy your teeth?

Do you still believe in a marketing ploy about the fact that fluoride in toothpaste is healthy for teeth? If so, then you would like to know the history of this myth. The legend of the usefulness of fluoride was described in the book “Fluoride Deception”, published by Christopher Bryson, the famous journalist and producer of the BBC.

This book is based on a ten-year study of facts and rumors on the topic of fluorides. In it, Bryson talks about the most important personalities and scientific institutions that played a big role in the fact that now fluorides are used to prevent dental diseases in the US and in the world.

The very first statement was done by a researcher Dr. Gerald Cox from the Institute in Pittsburgh. He said that fluorides were useful for dental health and that they should be added to drinking water for the prevention of dental diseases

This scientist began a paid “research” of fluoride at the suggestion of Francis Freree, director of the research laboratory of the American Aluminum Company. It’s clear, that the latter was very worried about the large problem of pollution of nature and air in the vicinity of aluminum plants and the negative influence of fluorides on the health of factory workers.

Do you know that disease called “fluorosis” (from an excess of fluoride) is caused by working in the aluminum industry. In the period from 1956-1968 the court received more claims for the harm caused to health by fluoride, than the other 20 (!) pollutants combined.

Definitely there was an urgent need to protect themselves against such a huge number of lawsuits, and therefore it would be quite good to have a theory based on real research, preaching that fluorides are good for health.

Another advocate of fluoridation was Harold Hodge, one of the most influential and high-ranking physicians; he published many research studies in support of the fluoridation program, which was introduced in 1957. Now it is known that Hodge was one of the organizers of the experiment to study the effects of radiation on the health of people who had been vaccinated with plutonium.

Now the information field is much wider and many people are aware of the dangers of fluoride, but a number of companies are still continuing to produce toothpastes and even water filters with fluoride content.

We recommend to avoid them and use high-quality filters, and also buy toothpaste without fluoride, including the most natural. Check the filters and ingredients of toothpastes.

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