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Formerly in the medical environment tonsils were considered “useless” organ. Therefore they were usually removed as “unnecessary” parts of the body in case of its chronic inflammation. It seems like you got rid of a waste trouble. However it is obvious that there are no unnecessary parts in the body, it’s a product of evolution, not a game of dice.

Now it is already well known that tonsils are of great importance for immunity. When they are removed, there is a huge strain on the heart, because the cause of inflammation has not disappeared. We removed only the filter which took the strain on itself.

Figuratively speaking, imagine that you have a jug with a water filter on your kitchen table. And one day you realize that there are some problems with the filter and the water has gone dirty. Reasoning from the knowledge of doctors, you just need to remove the bad working filter cartridge and everything will be ok, but we understand that it will not be. Without a cassette the jug collects dirty, unfiltered water.

The same thing happens with the body. All the harm from infection goes to the heart and other organs if you haven’t tonsils. So if you thought about removing them, think again.

How to cure tonsils? There is no only one solution like antibiotics here; it is in the plane of clearing from the real causes of disease.

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At the physical level the cause is infection, at the primary level the cause is deep as well as the causes of angina and throat diseases in general. For example, Louise Hay says the follows about the inflammation of the tonsils:

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Vianna Stable (creator of “Theta-Healing”) says about the sore throat:

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It can be said that at the subconscious level the throat diseases are usually associated with the inability to express your discontent, resentment and grief, which accumulate in a human and lead to illness. You may notice that people, who express everything straight, rarely suffer from throat diseases. This fully confirms the above.

By working and clearing these internal blocks, a complete recovery of the person from all chronic diseases associated with the throat is achieved. And we can see that not only his behavior will be changed, but tonsils also become absolutely healthy!

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Well, some may find it’s more interesting to cut off the tonsils. Who knows? Everyone has a different taste. In this case, it is worth to respect the choice of a person, for certain he or she has good reasons to treat the body like that.

We wish you to be healthy!


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