Radiation-free body = health

If you  look after your health, your diet and keep your body in good shape, then chances are you have already thought about what to do with the so-called “electromagnetic smog”, which we can see for example in Vadim Zeland’s book “Hacking technogenic system”, as well as in other  serious research studies.

Electromagnetic smog includes a variety of types of radiation, which our body and brain are constantly in of danger because of various devices:

  • Mobile phones
  •  Wi-Fi (Internet routers, smartphones, tablets etc.)
  •  Wireless gadgets (mice, keyboards, headphones, smartphones, tablets, speakers, etc.)
  •  Microwave ovens
  •  Cellular communication stations
  •  Workstations and equipment
  •  Computer facilities
  •  Household appliances and electronic devices

And we have an article about how to reduce the influence of waves on ourselves, you can see it here.

However, there remains the issue: what to do with the radiation that a person has already absorbed? And what can people do with strong radiation they are forced to deal with by virtue of the circumstances?

There is a solution in both cases! It is the body cleansing of radiation. So, if you adore speaking on the phone, placing it close to your head, if you have the Internet via Wi-Fi and also you like all kinds of wireless gadgets and you can’t live without a microwave, then we are waiting for you as soon as possible.

Our price list: 35 USD

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Body cleansing of radiation is carried out remotely (as well as body healing sessions) and takes 30 minutes. After that all your organs will be completely cleared of radiation and you can stop to worry about your health. If you have illnesses that are caused by radiation, you will quickly recover.

In the future you will be able to contact us periodically if you feel the need for it. If your work or living conditions are connected with a permanent presence among the sources of radiation, then you should contact more often.

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