Make your food safe

Imagine that you would have a magician in touch who could make any dish safe and eatable in any place where you were impatient to eat. Cool? Well of course, especially with the current quality and sanitary conditions.

So, the good news is that we have an opportunity to practice Reiki for your food remotely. This can make it safe, so you can eat anywhere without worrying about your health and stomach!

How it works

You just take a photo and send it through our contacts section (there is a file selection button – photos) or a social network (you can find it in the contacts section). We quickly do energy work with the help of Reiki for this dish, after which you can safely eat it! The masters and healers of Reiki always use this method for their own food as well as the food of their relatives.


We give a 100% money back guarantee in case this service will not help you and you will have some digestive problems after eating the food to which Reiki was applied.

Why it is necessary

Why do we give such guarantees? The healers of the Rehealing center regularly use Reiki in order to protect their food that is in doubt and simply for the sake of prevention. This does not mean of course, that we eat badly.

However, when you eat in a restaurant, a cafe and especially in fast food restaurants, it is really important to protect the food. Unfortunately, the quality of cooking, the quality of staff and sanitary conditions — they only get worse over time and everyone knows that.

We also had cases when on a visit other people got poisoning with some kind of food, but the healers who made Reiki for their food felt perfectly fine.

Service cost

This has long been a convenient thing in our everyday life; and now we want that you could have such opportunities and benefits with our help, so we made a low price for this service – only $4. Remote Reiki for dishes will make your food safe and harmless even if it contains some harmful bacteria or was cooked in unsanitary conditions, have been spoiled, etc.

Healing energy

But there is more to come! Reiki gives the dish energy, which will endue you with strength and positively effect on the work of whole organism, as this is initially healing energy! So if you take into account that food becomes not only safe but also healing – the cost of the service looks absurd at all! You will get the maximum benefit from it and will order again and again, because it is really great. We are sure that many of our customers will order Reiki for food on a regular basis. But even though you have such protection now, still try do not tempt fate unnecessarily and eat only healthy and fresh products.

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