For many years we have been effectively working with the following spheres of life:

Healing of the body
Healing from causes of serious diseases, chronic diseases, recovery from heavy injuries, rehabilitation of athletes, work with disabled people

Attraction of Money
Clearing of money limiting beliefs and generic program; the ability to attract money, finding your calling and your way, self-realization

Career and work-related items
Career progress, obtaining new position, job change, improvement of working conditions, change of activity, freelancing, elimination of troublesome factors at work

Business and investments
Business development, income increase, clearing of the reasons of an unprofitable business, opening a new business, attracting the right conditions, customers, partners and investors

Relationships and love
Clearing of relationships in pairs, attracting the perfect person, conflict resolution

Family and children
Creation of family with an existing partner or attracting a new one, birth of children, clearing of relationships with children and family in whole

Individual needs
Other situations and individual goals that are not included in the general list (consultation is required)